I love you

The same words have been spoken
So many times before;
A million lips have used the phrase
"I love you" more and more.
It's still the same old promise
When two hearts say, "I do".
So many times before, I'm sure,
A kiss was shared by two.

The same old moon is shining;
The same old stars are there.
Somebody else has eyes of blue
And lovely shining hair.
Those love words sweet and precious,
So simple in their way,
That soft endearing "I love you"
Said long before this day.

So many times, but not the same,
So different from the start,
Three little words that mean the world
You told me with your heart.
Your lips have sealed the promise;
Your eyes have shown their love;
Your smile is like an angel's song
From heaven up above.

The same old words that lovers use,
And yet the thrill is new,
I've never heard them said before;
They've never been as true,
You picked them from the stars on high
And sprinkled them with dew
To bring me all I've dreamed about
In three words: "I love you."

Garnett Ann Schultz